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Meet Allie

Personal | Professional Coach

Business Leadership Coach

Transformational Coach (TCM / MBA, Coaching Mastery)

Life isn't about finding yourself; it is about creating yourself.

Allison Seller

Allie has spent more than half of her career helping people reach their transformation goals in health and wellness, physical fitness, nutrition and mindset. Now passionately aligning with other health-based entrepreneurs, supporting them on their journey to building multi-six-figure coaching businesses while doing so working half the time they were. She seeks to provide the most valuable and long-lasting mentor-mentee relationship. Helping clients achieve their goals and live their most abundant lives is one of her greatest rewards. Allie understands transformation can be done with much joy and in simplistic yet profound ways. 


Allie attended the Health Coach Institute and has worked within Canadian Pharmacy to further her understanding of proactive vs reactive health. Her extensive educational background includes the Transformational Coaching Method, HMBA Mastery Program and Advanced Nutrition Protocols; Infertility with Dr. Stephanie Daniel, Emotional Eating with Dr. Michelle May and Hormonal Imbalance with Dr. Anna Cabeca. Additionally, Allie completed McGill University’s online business development program. She is a lifelong learner who takes great pride and joy in continually seeking knowledge and education to provide the current and best information to help her clients.

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Eddie firmly knows that true strength isn’t derived from brute force or the things you’re able to do but rather from overcoming all the things you once thought you couldn’t. He sees obstacles and roadblocks as tests to help pull out that true strength deep within. He seeks to empower each client to find their true strength and provides excellent, custom fitness plans for their journey. He is eagerly determined to fully support and encourage clients to succeed in all they set out to overcome and achieve. Eddie is dedicated to applying what he preaches to his everyday life, especially with his family, friends & clients.


Eddie has a long history, personal bodybuilding journey, and powerful testimonies and experiences of seeing clients transform and live fully in their true strength. He continues to expand his education and certifications in the health and fitness industry, transforming bodies and health entrepreneurs bank accounts. 

Meet Eddie

High-Performance Mentor

Personal | Professional Coach 

Strength doesn't come from the things you can do but from overcoming the things you thought you couldn't

Ricki Rogers

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