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NEW:The WELLthy Entrepreneur

THIS IS IT. Our everything and the heart and soul behind what we do and why we do it.

The WELLthy Entrepreneur: Helping entrepreneurs increase their income through strategic business growth, WHILE creating the lifestyle of their dreams. Health - Wealth - Relationships.


Can you answer yes to the following?

Are you passionate about client results? Making a difference in clients' lives, but trapped in the cycle of hourly sessions? Selling time for money?

Exhausted by the volume of hours and work that is required to generate a successful income as a health entrepreneur? Working evenings and weekends, selling your time for money?

Are you finally so exhausted that you are ready to make the changes needed to achieve the results and successes that you see so many others achieving when you know that you are just as smart, talented and hard-working?

Are you tired of telling people how much you thrive being a workaholic' and instead start filling your days doing the things you truly love? Hanging with your kids, travelling the world, giving back to your community, your own workouts and energy and freedom to plan your next level of success? 

Are you ready to FINALLY achieve that first and consistent 10k a month income, that, with the right support and structure,  quickly leads to 100k months? 

Then you are our perfect client.


With 25+ years of health, wellness & fitness industry experience and success, we have launched 4 thriving and continually growing companies. We understand what it takes to stand out in a competitive market while balancing what is most important –  CLIENT RESULTS!


By combining our different experiences; successes and challenges as Founders of Commit 2 Fit Club, The Healing Nutrition Lab, Health Academy Inc. and co-founder of Rise Women Wellness we have created the step-by-step blueprint that not only transformed our own business but has transformed the businesses of every single client that has come into our leadership. Adding a minimum of 10k a month to their business (and for the majority of our clients, achieving $25k within the first 30 days)


On top of helping you make more money + work 3-4 hour days, We’ll help you with everything you need to...
✔️become a client attraction machine (bringing an average of 1-2 soulmate clients a week)
✔️build a premium brand online that generates high cash flow (and not just a lot of messages about how ‘inspirational’ you are)
✔️create a signature program that sets clients up for next-level transformation without giving away more of your time 

✔️ how to build longevity in your client relationships so that clients stay with you for years
✔️and establish powerful pricing structures to your sales process to get paid your worth

“We all have something that we feel we are being called to. But unfortunately, more often than not, we ignore or don’t trust what we know to be true. Imagine for a minute what life could look like if you DID follow through? You don't get what you deserve, you get what you decide”

-Allison Seller 


Imagine for a minute what life could look like if you DID follow through? You don't get what you deserve, you get what you decide.

Allison Seller

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