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The Celebrity Coach

How to attract high-quality/high-ticket clients into your program and leadership with ease, adding a minimum of $20k to your monthly income without ads, funnels or complicated marketing. 

You are the industry expert; it is time now to build your brand.


Looking to build your brand and own your Micro Celebrity Status?

Are you a business owner who struggles to attract soul-aligned clients or retain a dedicated team?

Are you the EXPERT who knows how to transform lives but has no idea how to get your marketing message across and build your Micro Celebrity Status?

Are you a business owner who is so focused on growing that you have disconnected from the reason why? 

The Celebrity Coach is NOT your traditional marketing strategy. It is NOT how often you post, becoming a copyright expert or IG pro; it is NOT how you build a funnel and will never have you cold message prospects. (If that is what you are looking for, go elsewhere)

The Celebrity Coach is an outcome.

And Eddie and I teach you how to show up as that outcome in a way that organically and naturally attracts soul-aligned clients into your programs and leadership with ease—staying with you for years.

The Celebrity Coach builds your Brand by sharing how you live as the result your perfect clients desire.

The Celebrity Coach
is a lifestyle that organically attracts soul-aligned clients

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