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Group Programs vs High-Level Mentorship. One cost me money, and one made me money!

There is no comparison between group programs and high-level mentorship.

I've been a part of both.

I have offered both.

So let me break this down for you;

Both promise similar results: ex.

✓ Increased income

✓ Client attraction

✓Streamlined systems

But then we start to see the differences:

One offers 'this' and the other 'that.'

  1. Community vs 1:1 support

  2. One low price of $1000 vs an investment of $5,000 +++ (A price is an expense, investment has a return)

  3. A list of deliverables vs A result

  4. Continued "upsell" vs Continued reinvestment

  5. A focus on complexity vs A focus on simplicity

  6. A click to cart vs Application process

The masses get caught up in the group training model.

The 'fluff' makes them feel good.

A list of deliverables

❌ That you don't need. A list of things is going to make you busy, not successful

A bonus if you buy now

❌ aka a selling tactic and not aligned with what YOU need. Another distraction.

Deals of the day

❌ Deals are offered when a program or product lacks value. Something is only perceived as expensive when value is missing. So when someone gives you a deal....ask yourself, how is lowering the cost adding value?

An online community of like-minded people

❌ An online community of people who are struggling keeps you struggling. Whereas an invitation-only, Mastermind community stretches your successes. Remember, we are the average of the people we spend the most time with. Be DAMN sure who is in the group program you join, and if anyone can click to the cart to join, you may want to think twice.

I repeat, I have done both; I have offered both. And the difference is even more significant than I can share in this post.


If you want to keep busy and frustrated-> keep doing what the masses do.

But trust me, in the long run; it is not only costing you more than the financial investment into 1:1 mentorship; it is costing you everything you want to achieve.

If adding $10k-$30k to your business within the next 30 days excites you, I highly recommend investing in the one-to-one support of a coach/mentor who is achieving the results you desire.

If a list of things to do that keeps you busy, and a group of similar people excites you, we are NOT a good fit.

Allison Seller / Eddie Parinas

Personal | Professional Coach

Business Leadership Coach ​

Transformational Coach (TCM) / MBA, Coaching Mastery​

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