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Change 'this' if you want to attract high-ticket clients this week that stay with you for years.


I know what you are saying, 'Obviously, I need to change my prices'

Yet you aren't doing it.

Not properly, anyway.

You are increasing your hourly rate by peanuts

You are NOT increasing the investment someone makes into your leadership to achieve a specific RESULT.

Instead, you are selling yourself and offended when someone doesn't want to pay more.

Coaches are the best and worst.

>The best because what inspires them is helping people achieve a specific success.

>The worst because how they structure their programs are completely ego driven.

Selling an hourly session means a client needs to decide if YOU are worth it.

Selling a results-based program means a client needs to decide if THEY are worth it.

📣 News flash...people are way more likely to pay money towards what they want than they are you. (...within one week, I had made back the investment into their services)

This is the magic behind high-ticket sales and the success and longevity of any successful coaching business.

And these are the THREE key components necessary to be successful.

COURAGE to step away from the industry standard way of doing things

PROCESS which provides step-by-step on how to build, price and market a high-ticket offer

SUPPORT that guarantees you experience your first high-ticket sale. Because the minute someone pays your 6-month income over one 30-minute phone call, you will never return to selling yourself.

OK, step 3 may seem like a sales pitch, but it isn't. It is my personal experience, and I ONLY share based on what I have done and what I know from experience works.

Before becoming business coaches & mentors, both my husband and I worked in the health and fitness industry for a combined 30 years.

By 'industry standards', we were very successful.

✓ Back-to-back clients

✓ Great reputation etc

The problem was our 'success' cost us FAR greater than what we ever made

❌ Time - Money - Growth

This brings us back to my speaking from experience.


When my husband and I decided to 'burn down our business' (metaphorically speaking, of course, what I mean is when we moved away from industry standards) and we implemented the THREE components to build a successful high-ticket coaching business, we made more by 10 am that first Monday morning on two phone calls than we typically did in a month.

✓ We got time back, meaning OUR LIFE BACK

✓ We built a community of WELLthy Entrepreneurs who also have all experienced MASSIVE, life-changing business successes

✓ And we are on a mission to change the lives of 100 Coaches this YEAR.

Whether you decide to work with us, watch our free WELLth Entrepreneur Masterclass, or there is enough in this blog to trigger you to make the shift; YOUR success is our MISSION.

Let me remind you...

COURAGE is the first step, and we both know YOU GOT IT

PROCESS AND SUPPORT are our expertise. And we both know WE GOT IT.

"Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work" Thomas Edison


Allison Seller / Eddie Parinas

Personal | Professional Coach

Business Leadership Coach ​

Transformational Coach (TCM) / MBA, Coaching Mastery​


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