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Ever wonder how a coach can make a Million Dollars a Year?

This will be the most straightforward, to-the-point blog I ever post.

COACHES! Let's do the math...

$100 /hr coaching session takes 10,000 hours to = $1,000,000.00 (for the record, there are only 2080 working hours in a year)

$100 / hr coaching session x 2080 hours = $208,000.00

Some would consider a decent income, BUT the average rate of cancellation per week for a PT (confirmed in a study) is 25-40%.

So let's give you the benefit of the doubt and take 25% off your income.

You are now sitting at $156,000.00 but technically still working 8 hours daily. (this time is also void of marketing, bookkeeping, debt collecting....)

...meaning we could easily add another 2-4 hours to your day.

12-hour days, week after week, for $156,000...I don't know about you, but this isn't an income that supports how I want to live.

But you want to get to a million (or even an extra $100,000). So you look into other avenues

😬 adding products

😬 building an app

😬youtube video famous

.... let's go back to the math.

Let's say the average sale price of your product/ app is $50.00

To get to a million dollars (including your 12-hour days for $156,000.)

You must still

reach 16,800 people x $50 to achieve $840,000. (oops, don't forget to minus the cost of your product or app) No million.

Likely, not even at $500,000 with expenses cleared. Not to mention, you are out of time, energy and motivation.

We have tried your math...


$10,000 for each new client into my Results-Based Program x 4 new clients/month

$20,000 for my long-term support program (I am 95% on moving people from my front end to my long-term support) but for the sack of this share, let's do the math at 50%

$10,000 x 4 new clients = $40,000

$20,000 x 2 move to my Long Term Support = $40,000

= $80,000 / month. A million-dollar year is $83,333.33 per month

I invite four people into my program and leadership per month and work on average 4 hours daily serving them.

My clients get NEXT-LEVEL results (they have to for my model to work)

My clients experience time freedom and massive financial growth, and THEIR clients are experiencing next-level results. WIN-WIN-WIN⠀

"But my clients won't pay that much," says EACH of my clients before starting with me.

They will. They do. They are paying someone more right now. Likely someone with less expertise than you.

All you are missing is the program structure and support to make it happen.

🔥this is where I come in!

Let’s make this your year!! 2023

Allison Seller / Eddie Parinas

Personal | Professional Coach

Business Leadership Coach ​

Transformational Coach (TCM) / MBA, Coaching Mastery​

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