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Do you know what I told my Mom today?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

I told her I am doing what I was meant to be doing my entire life.

I also told her that it’s amazing how difficult it is to say that out loud, as we have a fear that the carpet will get pulled from under us.

Fear doesn’t just paralyze us in moving towards the things that we want out of life; fear also paralyzes us to acknowledge and be thankful for all that we have.

Fear showed up in my life for years. I worked multiple jobs, thinking that if I followed my true path and worked independently that I wouldn’t have enough money, or I wouldn’t be following what the ”world” says I’m supposed to be doing, which was work 9 to 5 for somebody else.

Fear has also has shown up on my journey to improve my health. ”If I stay in good shape, but never push for my very best shape, then I’m not at risk of not being able to maintain it, not being at risk of being seen and judged.

Fear has shown up in my relationship. I’ve caught myself wondering if he might be lying or if he truly loves me, recognizing that if I do this, I am protecting myself by already hurting myself and not giving him a chance.

Fear has shown up in my relationships with my friends; if I speak up and share what I am really thinking or share a new dream or goal I have, they might judge me. They may not like me anymore

Fear is dangerous.

Fear is in our head.

Fear is in place to keep you exactly where you are

But do you want to know what?

Only you can give fear power, and only you can take that power back.



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