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Just Not Feeling Connected?

Are you in a committed relationship but just not feeling the same spark, excitement or joy?

My relationship is strong, but I just don't feel connected.

How many of you are in a committed, loving relationship, but feel completely disconnected?

👉 You think you are clear in what you need, but it doesn't seem to be heard or understood. 👉 You want more passion but feel like your cries are misinterpreted. 👉 You try to communicate, but it is received as confrontational. 👉 You see your future, but it feels like 'good enough' instead of INCREDIBLE. 👉 Maybe there is even past hurts that you are both pretending are healed.

I am sad to say that this is very normal in a relationship.

It has become normal because we are taught to 'work on' everything but what is most important.

How did you get to this place that you don't even recognize?

Lack of connection, lack of individuality and lack of intention.

So how do we RE-ENERGIZE our relationship and our life?

It is simpler than you think:

HEALTH: when we are well nourished, strong, sleeping well, feel sexy and energized, we have more 'life' in us to step it up CONNECTION: We go back to go forward. What is each of your current beliefs that are no longer serving you or your relationship? Learning about individual goals and united goals. Re-learning how to support rather than police GROWTH: The road map to success on all fronts. A plan. Support, accountability and stretch. We paint the picture, and we implement the plan.

Life is shorter than we think but longer than we realize—Don't' settle.

⭐ If you are ready to LIVE, then DM us share where your current struggles are and what you want in your relationship and life!


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