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I wanted more time with my kids; I got more time with my dogs.

Eddie & I have been asked many times;

"Why did you decide to change up your entire business and business model"

To which we respond every time,

"Because we wanted more time with our kids"

By industry standards, we were a success. 👇🏼

  • Back-to-back clients

  • Working 10+ hours a day

  • Generating over $10k a month, consistently

  • A steady stream of new clients & client success stories

But industry standards were not our standards.

You see; when we both left our corporate jobs; to pursue our dream of running a health & fitness business; it was with the vision of being able to:

✓ Go to all our kid's sports & school events

✓ Travel without asking for permission

✓ Uncap the income limit that had been placed upon us

And for a while, we thought, "BOOM, We did it" "We are a success"

But the reality was far different than the vision or perception.

❌ We had to divide and conquer all the kid's events so one of us could keep working

❌ Travel became a double loss of income (the trip cost and client cancellation cost)

I will never forget sitting at my desk, staring at the computer screen because a client had cancelled, watching the videos Eddie was sending me from my son's Christmas concert.

I would love to share that this was an anomaly, but unfortunately, it was more often the reality.

Shortly after this Christmas concert, Eddie and I burned down our business. (not literally, of course), but metaphorically, we burned it down because only from that space could we build it back in alignment with how we wanted to live, lead and serve.

Eddie and I reconnected to our why and rebuilt our business in the health & fitness space in alignment to

⭐️ Clients' successes vs Our Ego (FYI: selling time is ego-driven not results driven)

⭐️ Spending time with our kids vs Dividing and conquering key moments in their lives (when you sell results vs time, you can build a program that honours both coach & clients time)

⭐️ Ability to reach greater financial successes vs capped by time (only by breaking out of an industry-standard way of doing things can you break out of the industry masses)

⭐️ Traveling around the world while making money vs Travelling around the world while costing money (building a global brand means connecting and building a client base in counties you want to visit)

Part of me wants to say that it took hard work, dedication and years of consistency to achieve our current reality (this aforementioned list); for the sole, selfish reason that I wouldn't feel so bad about all the precious time I missed with my kids, but I can't.

The truth is, the very first morning following our business transformation, we made more by 10 am, working with the best clients ever than we did in our best months previously.

So why did we transform our business for the 3rd time?

This answer is simple too.

We want YOU to have the

✓ time we didn't have with our kids.

✓ ability to travel the world and still get paid (should you choose)

✓ uncapped income that comes from working with the best clients in the world

So that by the time you figure it out....your kids aren't grown, and you aren't sitting with all the time in the world for your dogs:) (although that ain't too bad at all;)) 🐶😉

Allison Seller / Eddie Parinas

Personal | Professional Coach

Business Leadership Coach ​

Transformational Coach (TCM) / MBA, Coaching Mastery​

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