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The DEATH of my routine, and how it was almost the death of me!

Over the last 6 months, Eddie and I have been on the road more than we have been home. The last 30 days alone, on 18 flights. Spending more time in the airport than at the destination itself.

Leading up to this, we were PUMPED. A dream come true, right? Flying all over, meeting incredible people, visiting clients in all corners of the globe. Check out our IG (ALLIE)(EDDIE)

YES, it is amazing, and I thank God daily for our blessings.

But the last 6 months have also been an eye-opener, as I am HUGE on my routine and pushing to encourage others to set a routine.

Prior to my travel, a typical day looked like this. 👇🏼

  • 6 am wake up, 2 cups of coffee while setting my daily intentions & prayer

  • Walk the dogs

  • Yoga

  • Current client check in's

  • New Client OnBoardings & VIP Days

  • The afternoon is MINE for all the other things I want to accomplish in the day.

  • Evenings are family

So finding myself in other time zones, random locations, and a schedule that felt completely out of sorts sent me for a loop.

As a result >> my workouts were missed, my eating was unhealthy, my sleep patterns were all over the map, and my daily goals felt almost unmanageable.

I am an "All In" or "All out" girl.

Which, as a result, found me unintentionally"ALL OUT"

Leading to the "Almost" death of me.

The hard truth is; when we are doing things FOR ourselves and our goals, OR we are working against ourselves and our goals.

Stagnant doesn't exist - Don't be fooled.

Leading me to one of the BIGGEST "ah ha" moments I have ever had (or at least in a long time)

Routine is not FINAL; Routine is FLOW.

Meaning you do not control your routine.

It is not one way only.

Nor is it meant to remain.

Routine IS VALUABLE; I have proven that through my successes and challenges, but it is not until this week that I realized that routine will always lead to disappointment when we cannot flow with it.

What do you want to achieve?

What does success look like?

Why is it important?

What steps can you incorporate and carve time out for this week (not this lifetime)

There is nothing wrong with an "All in," "All out" mentality.

But I encourage you to be "All in" to your goals, Not the routine.

Let Go Of Final and Step Into Flow

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