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The top three FREE programs/apps that streamlined my business flow!

There are an ENDLESS amount of apps, programs and 'click here' opportunities that promise to make our lives easier. And if I am being honest with you, I have tried them all (of course, not really, but definitely an embarrassing number of them)

Which has led me to today's share. The TOP 3 programs/apps I use that streamline my business, bring a level of professionalism and flat-out save me time and money. PLUS, a couple of my favourite features of each. CAPTION WRITER YES, it makes your IG and FB posts look good by adding spaces & cool fonts, but for me, what is even better than that is that it gives you hashtag suggestions and allows you to save different hashtag groupings. As of late; they have also added an AI tool, meaning you can write what you want to say, and it will put your thoughts into a clear and concise message (FYI; I think the AI feature is in the paid option only) Another quick tip you may not know about this app is that you can take all your posts and add them to a specific folder to pull up for later use. The free version of this app has a ton of value; I used it for years before upgrading to the pro version for $4.99 / month. It's totally worth it. CANVA Canva changed the world of marketing and visual content, making everyone look like a pro. The free version is amazing, and the paid version is even more amazing. I would start with the free and max it out. (although I do have the paid, I am a sucker for upgrades). One of the BEST things about Canva, in my opinion, is that you can make a piece of content that can be posted on all different platforms without risking your algorithm with cross-promoting, i.e., IG Reels, TikTock, FB reels, without having to create it in each platform or sharing another platform's content. BOARDS Ok, this little gem has saved me countless hours of time. And if you know me, you know I stand for building businesses that honour YOUR TIME. I have never tried the paid version of this app; that is how amazing the FREE version is. Boards let you write as many scripts, messages, message responses etc., as you like, and it links to your phone's keyboard. SO.....instead of having to copy and paste from notes, or worse, think of how to respond repeatedly; you can quickly switch keyboards on the spot and click the response you desire to send. Boars also lets you save links, photos, voice recordings and videos. ALL added to your phone's keyboard. SO COOL. Please send me a quick message sharing your favourite program or app. It is through sharing and community that we have the greatest growth! Allison Seller Personal | Professional Coach Business Leadership Coach ​Transformational Coach (TCM) / MBA, Coaching Mastery​ @allisonseller

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