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What our WELLthy Entrepreneurs have to say...

...within one week, I had made back the investment into their services

Brittany Chapman

When I initially reached out for help, I felt a lack of confidence even though I have been in the fitness industry for almost two decades and have been successful the entire time.  


There are many products and services in the online space.  This caused me to fall into the trap of undercharging but overdelivering in value because I was trying to “keep up.” This left me feeling resentful and overwhelmed instead of energetic.  I knew I needed help. 


During the immersion day with Allison and Eddie, they helped me develop a marketing plan that I would not have been able to generate.  


The other key takeaway from that day was asking for an investment aligned with the value I deliver.  


I followed their advice of taking fast action and implemented everything they suggested.  


Because of that, within one week, I had made back the investment in their services.  


I recommend their service to any coach who feels stuck in their business and needs professional advice and oversight on successfully setting up a high-ticket coaching offer.  


If you have a high level of personal drive, accountability, and initiative, you would be best suited for what they do and how they do it.  


Through implementing what they taught me on the immersion day, I felt renewed confidence, brought the right clients into my coaching business, and felt more energized overall.


Brittany Chapman 

The most challenging thing to change is what we believe. I went to Eddie and Allie with a willingness to experience a different life, but in spite of my experience, skill and heart, I lacked the belief my life could be different.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but upon the first meeting, I knew they were further along on the journey my soul desired. I wanted in on their magic, presence, readiness and unapologetic self-worth.

Since working with Eddie and Allie, I have built the belief that a different way of serving clients not only existed but was meant for me. I experience it daily, and my energy, relationships and bank account reflect the transformation that began with a decision to pursue support and the belief that support made it possible.

Their structure and program meet you where you are while promoting deep internal growth. Clients like myself lead the process by posting questions, challenges and successes and receive curated support as needed.


This model accelerates clients' growth because the traditional weekly coaching calls that run rampant in the self-development world are absent. I’ve been able to lean in as deeply as I needed without feeling like I needed to manage the experience. It supports my craft, vision, heart and future.


Their support is in supporting the center of your business which are you. When that shift happens, your vision of the impossible becomes possible.

Their support is in supporting the center of your business which you are. When that shift happens, your vision of the impossible becomes possible

Sarah Sadie Newett

Eddie and Allie were by my side, supporting me threw it all and reminding me of my drive to improve and get what I wanted.

Siea Margaritas

I met Ed and Ali 3 years ago, and wow, what an incredible experience 

I was at a low point in my life and thought there was something wrong with me and I needed to fix 

I had a husband and family, which is incredible, but why was I feeling self-doubt and miserable


Then just a few weeks later, the pandemic hit. I was laid off from work, found out my husband of 20 years was unfaithful, moving out on my own for the first time; fast forward a few months, and my mom and brother passed away. 

I know it sounds like a horrible life. 

Truly if these life changes didn’t happen, I would be stuck in a missable unfulfilling life.


For the first time in my life, I’m living the best version of Siea.

Ed and Allie were by my side, supporting me through it all and reminding me of my drive to improve and get what I wanted.

Today I have a better job that I love, and my career is advancing me. Making double what I was when I met them. 


I live in an amazing place and saving up to purchase my own home; I have the most amazing friends that have become family. I am travelling the world and seeing new places.


This would have never happened if I didn’t take the first step in contacting Allie and Ed and making myself a priority.


Living the best life and it keeps getting better.


I want to say I’m proud of myself for always showing up, even when challenges tried to stop me.


Thank you, Ali and Ed, for being the best mentors and amazing friends to me.

Before meeting Allie & Eddie I was at a crossroads in my life.  A successful executive career woman looking for time for me, less stress - overall, a healthier lifestyle.  Peace within the piece.  LOL


What was so unique about working with them was the realness of our relationship.  Their model of living a lifestyle and teaching it are one in the same.  I experienced growth within myself and felt so supported in achieving my goals.  Those around me saw it and could feel my energy, I can’t thank you enough for showing up and helping me walk through this transition in my life.

What was so unique about working with them, was the realness of our relationship.

Deb Cahill-Trafford

We have generated almost a quarter of a million dollars with the first year of working with them.

Bob & Claire Clapp

We first met Eddie and Allison to help us with our fitness goals. As we got to know them and become friends, they inspired us to apply our fitness goals to other areas of our life.

With their encouragement and as an example, we purchased our first investment property. What’s next, we asked ourselves.


We had always wanted to start a business of our own. We looked into many ideas and decided that creating an e-commerce business was the way to go.

Our first year and product were not great, to say the least. We approached Allison and Eddie for help. They had just created the Winners Circle (Now the WELLthy Entrepreneur), which was a perfect fit.

They helped us to research potential markets and products, create a solid business plan, and how to execute that plan.

We have generated almost a quarter of a million dollars in sales in the first year of working with them. 

The Winners Circle has truly made a difference in our success and will continue to do so in the months and years to come.

Thanks, Allison and Eddie, for your inspiration, knowledge, guidance and, most importantly, friendship.

Allie changed my life…. PERIOD!

As much as I resisted this opportunity in the beginning I will never look back.


I have created an incredible business model led by Allie & Eddie who helped me create a lifestyle that sounds impossible yet is possible and I am living proof!

I am working 3 and a half days (all under 6 hrs a day) I get to choose whom I want to mentor and coach instead of taking on everyone and anyone to make a buck. My heart and desire to change other people's lives for the better are full. 

I more then doubled my income and worked less to provide quality of service to my clients ❤️

I was a Personal Trainer, individuals paying by the session, working 6days a week (8+hours a day)

If it wasn’t for Allie contacting me on Instagram when she did I know I would be exactly where I was or potentially even worse stepping out of the industry I have an enormous passion for and into a job I do not desire.

My goals was to be in a position where I can support my family and start a family of my own knowing I will be in a financial position to work when and wherever in the world I want as well as being a present mother to her children.

Allie changed my life...PERIOD!

Emmie-Rose Shore

The energy we feel from Eddie & Allie, whether during our in-person meetings or via zoom meetings or social media engagment is contagious.

Lane & Kylie O'Brien

“Eddie & Allie have greatly supported our growing and evolving business over the past year. 


They are a constructive listening ear that is able to decipher what are current challenges are, and they set us on the right path to be able to move past those challenges. The energy we always feel from Eddie and Allie, whether during our in-person meetings or via zoom meetings and social media messages, is contagious! 


We have seen lots of growth in both our company and our personal lives, and we are incredibly excited to continue our journey with them. We can not recommend them enough to anyone looking to welcome a business coach and mentor into their lives!"

My experience working with Allie & Eddie was one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever been through. From the very first application call, the energy was so electric, and there was such a deep connection right then and there.


I have learned and grown so much both professionally and personally with the support of Allie & Eddie's leadership.


You can tell from the very beginning that this is not just work for them. This is their heart and passion, and that speaks through and through every day in the way they show up for their clients and the next level of support they provide.


This is far beyond just a coach/client relationship. I felt so seen, heard, and validated in my experiences, and although it was so uncomfortable to be stretched and challenged at times, this is exactly what I needed to move forward and gain a higher perspective.


I absolutely loved working with Allie & Eddie, and the lessons, teachings, and memories will last a lifetime❤️

This is far beyond a coach/client relationship...

I absolutely loved working with Allie & Eddie, and the lessons, teachings, and memories will last a lifetime

Sarah Jaswal

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