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The WELLthy Entrepreneur

Our VIP, private mentorship and program is by invitation only.

To start the application process, please use the link below to book your private call. We will use this time to dive deeper into your challenges and get crystal clear on success. If there is alignment, we will make an invitation on this call and confirm the next steps into our leadership.


99% of Coaches and Consultants never scale, not from lack of desire but from lack of direction.

Fee-for-service business owners are so busy trying to get clients and serve clients that they miss how to uniquely position themselves within the market as an industry expert. 


Resulting in:

  • Inconsistent monthly income, maxing at $10k / month

  • Struggling to attract and retain high-quality clients

  • Suffering from client cancellations and late payments

  • Social media & marketing overload, never able to keep up with the trends and share their value in a way that builds Micro-Celebrity Status

Directly impacting their ability to join the top 1% of industry experts, The WELLthy Entrepreneurs.

With over 25 years of unparalleled success in the health, wellness, and fitness industry, we've pioneered four thriving companies. Our expertise goes beyond the business – we prioritize CLIENT RESULTS!

Drawing from our roles as Founders of Commit 2 Fit Club, The Healing Nutrition Lab, Health Academy Inc., and co-founders of Rise Women Wellness, we present the transformative blueprint for your business and lifestyle!

Discover how we can help you:


✔️ Get clear on what SUCCESS looks like for you within your business, breaking it down to build it back up in alignment with how you want to live and serve
✔️ Cultivate a premium online brand for substantial cash flow
✔️ Develop YOUR signature program for next-level client transformation without sacrificing more time

✔️ Attract clients effortlessly 
✔️ Build enduring client relationships for years of success
✔️ Establish powerful pricing structures (front end and back end) to ensure you are paid your worth

✔️ Create a marketing plan that showcases your industry expertise with ease

Ready to elevate your business? Build a lifestyle in alignment with how you want to LIVE!


It's time to Live your WELLiest life!

“We all have something that we feel we are being called to. But unfortunately, more often than not, we ignore or don’t trust what we know to be true. Imagine for a minute what life could look like if you DID follow through. You don't get what you deserve; you get what you decide.”

-Allison Seller 


Imagine for a minute what life could look like if you DID follow through? You don't get what you deserve, you get what you decide.

Allison Seller

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