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It's My Birthday

2020, My Year of Personal Growth & Reflection.

Birthdays are significant for me. Sure, I am another year older, darn right I am another year wiser;) but for me, it is my most important moment of reflection.

On January 8 last year, the world was wide open. I had a beautiful engagement ring on my finger, travel booked with all my best friends and family to celebrate Eddie and my's wedding, and a health scare that resulted in surgery confirmed on the calendar.

In reflection, nothing on January 8 2020 was by fluke - everything on January 8 last year was orchestrated by God.

Eddie and I were planning on confirming our wedding date in March; my maid of honour suggested I confirm January as it was best with her schedule. It worked for us; and on January 31, we were married.

👉🏼When we returned on February 4, the airport was different, travel was starting to cancel, and Covid was picking up speed.

My doctor confirmed my surgery for April. Saying we needed to do it ASAP, and April was the first availability. Before we left for our wedding, the doc called confirming a cancellation on February 6. I DID NOT want to confirm this date. I did not want to be thinking about my health scare during my wedding week. I did not want to return from Mexico and go straight to the hospital. My middle son heard this conversation and BEGGED me to take the February 6 surgery date. I did for him. 👉🏼 2 weeks after my surgery, surgeries were cancelled, and still, many are suffering from worse conditions as a result.

In May when so many were uncertain about work, finances and how to support their family. I saw 1 POST from a Mentor and invested a large amount of money on a feeling. 👉🏼Game-changing

In summer, at the peak of a pandemic, I quit a corporate job to ONLY work my businesses. 👉🏼In December 2020 and Today, I live my best life with my husband, and I am mentoring people every day to live their best life.

I am not insensitive or disrespectful to the tremendous hardships that have taken place this year, BUT instead strong in my knowing that God orchestrated things last January 8 so that I could be in a position to help, support and bring positivity to people today.


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