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Is it only me or can cookies actually talk?

My battle with the talking cookies.

Seriously though, I can't be the only one who knows that cookies talk.

Do you how many times I have been sitting at my desk, on my couch or even in my car and the cookies turned to me a said 'eat me' or 'hey, one bite won't kill you'....the other day, one actually said to me 'I deserved it' - Ha!

Then, it had the nerve to taunt me after I decided to have only one. I was really only trying to be a good friend, engaging and bringing value to our friendship. But then, when I had one cookie, the communication got so aggressive, even downright RUDE. The cookie started yelling at me, saying, 'I was pathetic,' 'I had no will power,' even called me 'fatty, fatty two by four.' I was so mad I stomped up the stairs to my room. Decided to fold laundry.

UNTIL.....that damn cookie picked up the megaphone and literally started screaming at me from the kitchen. 'You are already fat,' 'Don't you know how delicious I am,' 'Just one more, please,' 'You are such a loser.'

Well......let me tell you, that will be the LAST time that cookie will ever get to yell at me, treat me that way. I decided to march downstairs and eat every last one, so I could SHUT IT UP! I showed the cookie who was boss!

So seriously, you can't tell me that cookies don't speak. Because they do. They show up all smelling good, attractive, fresh. One of them even showed up at my house last week in their bakery brand name box. But don't be fooled; once they open their mouth, they go from sweet and friendly to public enemy number one!


I would be lying if I said I didn't laugh when I re-read what I wrote above, but I would also be lying if I said I didn't cry.

I cry because I have lived exhausted with the talking cookies for years, and I cry because I want you to know it doesn't have to be this way.

Almost every day, I sit down with men and women to discuss health, nutrition, and dare I say balance. And every single day, I hear stories about your own loud mouth, rude, aggressive talking cookies.

What if I told you that you don't even want the cookie? That there is something else within you that is craving nourishment, love, peace, respect, happiness.

What if I told you that we can end the abusive relationship?

What if I told you I know this because I was you ?

Would you believe me?

Most of you want to believe me, even feel desperate to believe me, but you don't because you have tried every diet, form of deprivation and militant exercise out there.

But imagine if I am telling the truth. That I am not special, I didn't get hypnotherapy or my picture posted in every bakery across town saying 'do not sell to me.' That after a 20-year abusive relationship with the loudmouth cookie, I actually have freedom from food.

The truth is, the battle HAD nothing to do with the cookie and everything to do with ME.

The truth is, the battle HAS nothing to do with the cookie and everything to do with YOU.

The truth is, you CAN have FREEDOM from food.

How? By understanding what it is you truly want. What are your goals, where are you feeling overwhelmed, what needs nourishment in your life? By doing the deep dive into HEALTH: revealing what nutrition is best for your body, CONNECTION: connecting to your goals, improving relationships and uncovering your current beliefs, GROWTH: your road map to success, the right support, accountability and stretch.

By doing the work, you can make crumble out of the cookie.

If you want FREEDOM from food, contact and in the subject line write Crumble My Cookie.



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