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The 7 simple steps that turned my social media into my sales machine

🏋️‍♀️💼 How to Easily Attract New Clients as a Health & Fitness Entrepreneur Using Social Media 🌟

(make sure to save 🛟 this post to come back to as reference)

1️⃣ Define Your Niche and USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Identify your specific niche within your industry. Note: weight loss alone isn't a niche. Your USP will differentiate you from competitors and attract clients looking for precisely what you offer.

2️⃣ Offer a Solution

The market is full of people selling themselves. Meaning time. Contrary to how the coaching industry is structured...people don't want your time, they want a result. Be crystal clear on how you help people achieve a specific result

3️⃣ Be YOU

If people are watching but not buying it is because "Like" is missing. Usually it is because you are tip toeing around your message. Authenticity is key. It is OK to be inspired by others, but bring your own twist.

4️⃣ Know where your Niche Market is hanging out

You may love Instagram, but is your client there? Know where your audience is POST, POST, POST. People don't want your perfection, they want and need your solution.

5️⃣ Value vs Offers vs In-Direct Offers

If you want to attract new clients THIS WEEK; share 2 value based posts (meaning give information away that positions you as an authority in the industry; 2 direct offers (meaning make an invite into your program on the first line of your post) 2 indirect offers (share something fun and informative, and include a loose and fun call to action.

6️⃣ Stories vs Post

Post per step 5. And use stories to highlight your personality and how you are living the result that your niche client is desiring. Nothing builds more trust than showing clients how to do it. (this doesn't mean how to count means show them the value of how you live as the result they are desiring to achieve)

7️⃣ Engage

Quit posting and praying. If you want people to like you. Like them. Real authentic communication goes a long way. Note the key word there. AUTHENTIC. Like, share and comment your real thoughts. Give love.

Share your favourite client-attracting strategies in the comments below! 🙌💬


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