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What is making you uncomfortable?

Whatever that is, it needs to be your focus.

There are messages in the things that make us uncomfortable.

So much to learn about what irritates bothers or makes us anxious

Areas of personal growth and awareness that comes from asking, "why did that person's comment/post / their personal goals or growth bother me."

We all have insecurities.

But in those insecurities, there is our next direction.

THAT is the focus

THAT is where you will grow

THAT is representing, to some level, what you are desiring.

But it is easier to be annoyed

Easier to stay irritated

Because in that irritation, you have permission to point your finger at something instead of your thumb back into you. What are they doing, or what success or confidence are they excluding that makes you uncomfortable.

Someone has transformed their body and is posting it all over the internet. SO AWESOME FOR THEM.

Someone is stepping out of their comfort zone and being vulnerable to others. CHEER FOR THEM.

Someone has had business success, and they want to share that and inspire you. THANK THEM.

This is what we ALL should be doing.

Because when we support, cheer on and encourage others, not only are we changing the 'ugly' energy within us. We are saying to the enemy that has snuck in, "NO." And in that NO, YOUR LIGHT, YOUR GROWTH, YOUR JOURNEY truly begins to SHINE.

So today, pay attention to what stirs you. What makes you uncomfortable. What irritates you.

There is your FOCUS.

and from there


- Allie


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