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What you are worrying about the most is costing you the most.

Health, Money, Kids, Work...being like them...

We fuel our worry for tomorrow with the fire that burned us yesterday.

Giving all our energy to the "What if it doesn't" instead of "What if it does."

And where our energy goes, so does the outcome.

For the first 38 years of my life, I was playing a role someone else had written for my life.

And because someone else had written it, I was often considered rebellious, or someone who did things against the grain or preserved 'norm'.

But in hindsight, I was caught between someone else's expectations and mine.

Trying to please everyone and, as a result, no one.

The world is full of noise on how to look, behave, make money, and raise your kids.

And all the noise is based on what did or didn't work for someone else, that someone having no idea what success looks like for you.


This is why today, at this moment, I am saying STOP STOP STOP.

You get to hit the reset. Today. You can take this very moment and change the trajectory of your life.

Let me guess; the excuses are loading up.

But...I have kids, a mortgage, health concerns, and aging parents.

So did I. So does everyone else experiencing an outcome you desire.

And so will you today, tomorrow and 10 years from now. Because the path you are on is currently creating more of the same. And you are reading this because you want DIFFERENT.

It is time to do differently. What you are worrying about the most is costing you the most.

What do you want? Be specific

What does success look like for you? Not 10 years from now. Today.

What do you want to be experiencing that you are not currently?

What challenges are currently preventing you from experiencing life differently?

Next step: Send me an email and I will send you a personalized video with the next steps on how to turn your business, career, and LIFE around.

10 years ago, I asked myself these exact questions and 10 years ago, my life completely changed because I got real. I answered them, and I took the first step to live a life that was in alignment.

Saying yes to yourself is not selfish. (again, the noise of the world) Saying YES to yourself is the most selfless act. It is brave, courageous and takes an empowered version of yourself. It makes you, as a result, a better wife, friend, mother & leader.

There is not one person on this planet that was not born with a purpose to impact.

The decision now is, are you going to LIVE IT or leave it?

Allison Seller / Eddie Parinas

Personal | Professional Coach

Business Leadership Coach ​

Transformational Coach (TCM) / MBA, Coaching Mastery​

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